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International trade of first quality of coffee and cacao




We are a young thriving company that provides effective, high quality service in a competitive international market.

Our trademark is providing international trade services with social responsibility and a commitment to fulfill our customers’ expectations.


We have a commitment to be ethical, objective and transaction-oriented, with trust and respect for our customers and business counterparts.

We constantly improve ourselves and our services, committed to the trade of the best products from local communities in the global markets.


We want to connect people through fair business, in a multicultural setting that promotes sustainable development and environmental awareness.

Our main concern is to provide innovative and reliable solutions, always looking for the best option to make sure our actions flow and are successful.


We are a company committed to being; ethical and professional – business Oriented and partners’ satisfaction centred – creative and innovative – credible and trustworthy. Integrity and transparency.


To provide services as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, or representatives of federations and associations of local suppliers and producers in developing countries, helping them develop their businesses internationally, and creating an economic and social impact in local communities.




Trading Intermediation between sellers and buyers of prime quality coffee and cacao between countries.

We facilitate trading partnerships between clients and customers across the world, commercializing prime commodities, with a fair-trade vision.

We believe in connecting people through international trade to create a better world.


Development of fair trade strategies in international trading.

We have a great interest in further developing strategies to strengthen sustainable international markets, by supporting and finding fair solutions, beneficial to all types of communities and protecting the environment.

Always striving for new outcomes, we foster actions to ensure a better present and a better future.




We believe Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.

It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of peoples and communities.

Kybmacu currently works with local partners in South America to ensure fair trade is a reality.

Because we want to make a difference...

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